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How to Use a Proof of Insurance Letter for Health or Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Individuals take out auto, health, and other insurance coverage plans to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. However, insurance is also a significant subject for many reasons.

For example, many organizations need their employees to have insurance. It is just one of the many examples where buying a coverage plan is more than a choice. 

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You may need to send a proof of insurance letter to requesting agencies for many reasons, like student or employee verification. Hence, knowing how to draft and mail it is essential. You must also learn which elements to include in this document and what these letters look like.

What Is a Proof of Insurance Letter?

A proof of insurance letter is official documentation indicating that an individual possesses coverage under an insurance scheme. While it pertains to various policy types, its utmost significance to companies lies in health insurance. Employees (or their dependents) may also be required to present evidence of insurance for health coverage in several instances:

  1. During visits to a doctor’s office or hospital.
  2. When registering at a college or university.
  3. When completing income tax filings.

While it is not mandatory to submit a proof of insurance letter template to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is essential to have evidence of coverage readily available for an audit.

What Counts as Proof of Insurance?

Here are a few examples of a proof of insurance letter in healthcare. Not all of these may be applicable or valid in every situation, so it is crucial to verify with the requesting institution to ensure you have the correct documentation:

  • A certificate of coverage is the official documentation from your insurance company for coverage verification. 
  • An existing member ID card.
  • EOB (explanation of benefits).
  • Form 1095-A is for those covered under a plan they brought via the medical insurance marketplace. 
  • Form 1095-B is for those who purchased coverage 1:1 from insurers. It is also for small firms with less than 50 full-time employees.
  • Form 1095-C is for those covered by employer-sponsored plans.

Proof of Auto Insurance Letter Template

Your car insurance company might ask for a proof of auto insurance letter template as evidence in many situations. For instance, if you secure a driving job, and your employer mandates a specific level of car insurance, you’ll be required to furnish such documentation. 

Additionally, living in a state where car insurance is obligatory might lead to the need for presenting this type of letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles or another government agency.

Please note that anyone can determine the validity and accuracy of a proof of insurance letter or any document. Falsifying this statement can result in hefty penalties, imprisonment, and your driver’s license suspension. Also, submitting invalid or duplicate documentation to employers could cost you your job. 

Proof of Health Insurance Letter Template

You might be required to produce a proof of health insurance letter template as evidence that you or a family member has medical coverage liability. 

For instance, most US colleges require their students to have health insurance. Hence, they might ask for evidence during admissions. Some universities automatically enroll students in a medical coverage plan, making this documentation essential.

Furthermore, many employers offer monetary payments to employees opting out of the organization’s group medical plan to get coverage elsewhere. The employers might ask them to provide proof of health insurance coverage letter as confirmation when giving out payments. 

Your employer can request supporting documents when you decline the firm’s coverage offer if you fall under someone else’s medical insurance plan (as a dependant).

The same rule applies to submitting documents to schools and other official sources. Providing incorrect information or falsified documents can lead to negative consequences. These authorities can expel you, depending on the school or agency policy. Hence, please only furnish facts in the proof of health insurance coverage letter from the employer template to avoid any unwanted circumstances. 

Also, submitting evidence of medical insurance coverage is essential when filing income taxes. It lets you comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA) individual mandate. 

However, you will need more than a proof of insurance letter sometimes. You get Form 1095-A, B, or C from your health coverage company or employer, depending on the coverage type you have bought. 

These issuing agencies also file the forms with the IRS (Interna Revenue Service). Thus, please consider that the authorities cross-check everything while processing your taxes. 

How to Get the Proof of Insurance Letter?

You must contact the employer or insurance company (whichever is applicable) if any authority demands a proof of insurance letter or document. Try following the correct procedure to request such documentation. 

Please refrain from submitting a letter you get from unofficial sources because it can negatively impact your reputation. Similarly, double-check the details in the document, ensuring you only forward valid, verifiable, and updated coverage information.

Some users log into their accounts to download the proof of insurance letter template if they have online accounts with the medical or auto insurance agency. Otherwise, they can contact a customer service representative to assist them in availing one. 

Also, some insurance agents or providers offer an insurance card copy instead of the letter. However, please confirm with your requesting party whether this document is sufficient.

Proof of Insurance Letter and Documentation Samples

Below is a proof of auto insurance letter template for your reference:



[Policyholder’s name]

[Their full delivery address]

Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Policyholder’s name]

This letter confirms that [Policyholder’s name] bought an auto insurance coverage plan on [Date, month, and year] for their personal-use vehicle with our agency. Their NAIC code is [NAIC code]. Below are the details of the registered automobile:

    • [Year] [Vehicle model] [Vehicle make]
    • [VIN (vehicle identification number)]

Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Policyholder’s name’s] policy number is [Policy number]. The policy has been in effect since the purchase without any lapse in coverage. 

(Please note that you will need to adjust all coverage lapses accordingly to mention the accurate timeframe)

Here are the details of all the named insurers:

    • [Policyholder’s name]
    • [Additional insured person’s name]
    • [Second additional insured person’s name]

These details are correct to the best of our agency’s knowledge. Please write to for more information. Contact us at XXXX XXXX and press this extension [Extension number] to connect.


[Signature of the authorized company representative]

Below is another sample for a proof of health insurance letter template:



[Policyholder’s name]

[Their full delivery address]

Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Policyholder’s name]

This letter is an official notice that [Policyholder’s name] has running health insurance coverage with our organization since [Date]. It is a [Individual or group plan] through [Employer or agency name through which the policyholder has purchased the plan]. 

Their policy number is [Policy number]. We have issued the policy to [Primary policyholder’s name]. Here are the details of all dependants:

    • [1st covered dependant’s first and last name]
    • [2nd covered dependant’s first and last name]
    • [3rd covered dependant’s first and last name]

Please contact our firm if you need additional information. The above details are updated and valid to the best of our knowledge. You can call XXXX XXXX to inquire further. Thank you. 


[Signature of the authorized person with their job title]

Using these samples allows you to write better letters and prevent any customer complaints. People look for agencies that make it easier for them to access all details. In this case, it is about making the proof of health insurance coverage letter from the employer template readily available!

Organizations should create an error-free proof of insurance letter template for all policyholders. Hence, they must automate the process to avoid manual mistakes, time-consuming activities, and delays. 

Since some people might need this document urgently, you can offer them speedy mail delivery options to meet their requirements. 

However, all firms must define insurance proof and provide concrete examples. It is significant for your staff and clients to understand why they must produce the proof of insurance letter to some authorities.

Businesses must highlight that clients can download the information virtually from anywhere. They should emphasize the significance of creating a free online account to access their coverage details whenever needed. 

It is an excellent opportunity for firms to reinforce the benefits of seeking healthcare insurance and leveraging the added plan advantages. How firms discuss insurance proof and related topics can impact their reputation and client retention rates. 

How Can PostGrid’s Direct Mail API Help Organizations Send the Proof of Insurance Letter?

PostGrid’s direct mail API allows organizations to print and ship the proof of insurance letter to all clients. They can leverage our automated mailing solutions to update policyholders about their coverage details. 

The best part is that firms must refrain from contacting vendors for designing, printing, and distributing their letters to the intended recipients. PostGrid is an all-in-one place to help them get their mailers ready and out of the door in two business days only. 

You can get started with a free plan to test the features and send a minimum number of letters. Our on-demand mailing services let you mail as few as one proof of insurance letter without hassles. 

Users can verify their mailing lists using our address standardization and verification capabilities. It ensures your letters go to the correct destinations, preventing data breaches and other issues. Also, it helps you keep your policyholders’ details updated, ensuring prompt communications. We also parse and reformat addresses to add missing information and enrich your existing databases. 

Once you verify the addresses and upload other information, you can choose between the USPS mail delivery options. They include First-Class, Standard, Certified, Registered, and Express mailing. You can choose one based on your speed preferences and budget. 

We let you send the proof of insurance letter template via Certified mail with and without a return receipt. It allows you to capture and record the recipients’ signatures with the delivery date and time, helping you have evidence if the client claims to have not received the envelope.


A proof of insurance letter helps clients get their coverage details. However, it does more than that; it enables authorities (like employers, universities, and others) to verify whether the person has the specified policy. 

Sending this letter to Insurance clients is a crucial task for most insurance agencies. They must send auto insurance, medical coverage, and related correspondence to their agency’s policyholders. 

However, they must also print and send other documents whenever needed, like compliance notices, interest increase letters, monthly statements, marketing materials, etc. 

Thus, automating the process is essential. It allows them to streamline the process and send the letters on time without delivery failures. 

PostGrid’s print mail API helps them achieve this goal! They can design, print, and ship any correspondence without wasting time, effort, and resources. 

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