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Canada Post Verifying Recipient’s Address

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Canada Post Verifying the Recipient's Address: A Step-by-Step Process

We Canadians are often impatient while waiting for packages. Why wouldn’t we? Think about the holiday season, it’s Christmas, and you are waiting for a gift from your loved one! 

But, all this could go upside down when you are in oblivion as you don’t know where your package is. 

The problem for the sender could be even more significant when they cannot verify your address before sending the package. Having an incorrect address can make your parcel go into the abyss. Whether it’s a long-awaited online shopping gift, a heartfelt gift, or an important document, a slight mistake in the address can lead to unnecessary delays or headaches.

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Thanks to Canada Post verifying the recipient’s address. We Canadians can enjoy the benefits of accurate address verification. The postal service employs a seamless process to ensure your items reach the right recipient.

The postal service in a vast country like Canada delivers millions of mail and parcels daily. Ensuring that each of them reaches the correct destination is never a cakewalk. Canada Post could not maintain its exceptional service level without verifying the recipient’s address.

In this blog, we will explore Canada Post verifying the recipient’s address and its impact on the mailing system. You will also understand how individuals and businesses use this service for peace of mind.

Before we begin this blog, let us imagine a scenario.

Suppose you’ve ordered a special birthday gift for your grandpa’s 80th birthday. The mood is all set for the big day, and you eagerly await its arrival. Days go by, and the package is still not at its destination. Won’t it ruin your celebrations?

After some investigation, you discover that it was delivered to an incorrect neighbourhood because of a minute spelling error. Sounds frustrating, isn’t it?

To avoid such scenarios in the country, Canada Post uses an address verification system that double-checks the accuracy of addresses before mailing any package. This extra validation layer makes your package reach the right doorstep immediately.

So, in short, you and your grandpa can have grand celebrations on his 80th birthday.

But how is Canada Post able to verify your address?

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How Does Canada Post Address Verification Work?

The postal service uses innovative technology for the address verification process. It makes it easier for Canada Post to ensure the accuracy of delivery information while sending packages. The sophisticated system cross-references address against their official address database. It contains up-to-date information. It tallies the addresses to residential and business addresses across the nation. 

Whenever you enter your address in an online purchase or fill out a shipping label, the verification system comes into full commando mode. It automatically compares your address data with the information available in its huge database. If there are any issues, the system flags and prompts you to review and confirm the right address.

The Simplification of Address Verification Experience

Automatic address verification allows you to lower stress and ensure the package reaches the right destination. By using this straightforward system, Canada Post motivates you to take control of the delivery experience. Ultimately, it reduces the chances of bad surprises along the package’s mailing journey. 

So how do you verify an address? 

Verifying an Address with Canada Post Address Verification System

  • Visit the Canada Post Official Website: Go to their website, and you will find a text field to enter addresses. 
  • Enter the Address Data: You must enter the data you wish to verify. The address data usually consists of the recipient’s name, street number, street name, apartment number (if applicable), city, province, and postal code. 
  • Submit the Address for Verification: After entering the address, click the “Verify” or “Check Address” button to start the verification process. 
  • Review the Verification Results: Canada Post will show you the address verification results. You will get a confirmation message if your addresses are with a record from their database. It shows that your address is valid and deliverable. However, if there are discrepancies or potential errors, the system will mark them and prompt you to make necessary corrections. 
  • Make Corrections if Required: If you get any discrepancies and errors in your address, carefully check your address data. Look for missing numbers, typographical errors, invalid postal codes, or other discrepancies. Make the necessary changes and resubmit the address for verification. 

What Benefits Can Businesses Enjoy with Canada Post Address Verification System? 

There’s a lot for businesses that want to ensure smooth deliveries and ensure higher customer satisfaction. Here’s how it can help them; 

Drastic Improvement in Accuracy

Verifying the recipient’s address with this system helps you to reduce the chances of incorrect deliveries. The process acts like a safety net, catching potential errors and discrepancies in real-time. A business can improve its delivery accuracy drastically. 

Incredible Time and Cost Savings  

Return shipments and redeliveries are notorious for adding up to your operational costs. Canada Post verifying the recipient’s address can save you valuable time and resources by preventing packages from reaching the wrong locations. You won’t need to pay for those additional re-shipments and re-routing in the future. 

Higher Customer Satisfaction

You can improve customer satisfaction by delivering packages to the correct addresses and on time. Verifying the recipient’s addresses helps to provide a positive shipping experience that builds trust and loyalty.

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Using PostGrid Address Verification API

Why should you care about PostGrid if you already have Canada Post verifying the recipient’s address?

Canada Post’s address verification system doesn’t provide the best convenience and features. Let us understand how it compares with our solution with the help of this table; 

Comparison Criteria  PostGrid Address Verification Canada Post Address Verification 
Address Validation Accuracy  Very High High 
Real-Time Verification Yes Yes
Fraud Detection  Yes Limited
International Coverage  Yes  Limited 
Ease of Integration  Easy  Moderate 
Data Quality Improvement  Yes Yes
Pricing  Highly Competitive Varies
Customer Support  24/7  Varies
Reverse Geocoding  Yes No 
Geolocation  Yes No 
Multiple Address Formats Yes Limited
Address Enrichment  Yes No 
Reporting and Analytics Detailed  Limited
Service-Level Agreement  Available  Limited 
Scalability  High  Moderate 
Custom Rules and Validation Logic Yes Limited 
API Response Time  Fast  Moderate 

We standardize, verify, validate, and Autocomplete addresses according to Canada Post’s postal standards.  

PostGrid’s address validation API is like Canada Post’s verification system on steroids! 

Our API does everything that Canada Post does but better with additional features. 

Additional Features for Verifying the Recipient’s Address 

  • Reverse Geocoding: We allow you to retrieve location information from geographic coordinates. 
  • Geolocation: You can get geolocation and distance calculation data from our API. It is beneficial for various applications. 
  • Multiple Address Formats: Our address verification system supports multiple address formats with different structures. 
  • Easy API Customization: You can customize and tailor it to your unique requirements. 
  • Address Enrichment: Get enrichment capabilities to get additional information for addresses. It fetches you relevant demographics and geographical data. 
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics: You can access reporting and analytical features using our dashboard. It helps you gain a new perspective on your business with useful insights. 

Blazing Fast Speeds at Competitive Pricing 

Talking about speed, PostGrid delivers results within a few minutes (batch processing) and a few clicks. We can help you verify hundreds or thousands of addresses instantly. Try the API today for verifying residential and commercial addresses. 

Start verifying the recipient’s addresses by signing up now!

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