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Programmatic Direct Mail: Understanding the Ins and Outs

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programmatic direct mail

Programmatic Direct Mail: Understanding the Ins and Outs

Tired of wasting time and money on marketing bots? Are you looking for solutions to tangibly connect with your customers? If so, you are at the right place. Because just always, we at PostGrid will help you blend direct mail marketing with innovation. Here is what we will discuss today:

programmatic direct mail

Programmatic direct mail marketing provides that long-lasting and emotional response than simple online marketing.

So, when businesses make the most of their direct marketing campaign and combine it with innovation and tangible features like direct mail- It is the start of a romantic partnership.

Here, in this article, we will artfully explain everything about programmatic direct mail. And how you can combine it with customers, data, buying personas, signals, and direct mail automation.

So, let’s start this speedy wagon as we are ready to roll! Here we go…

What is Programmatic Direct Mail?

Programmatic Mail is all about automated marketing that helps you send mail pieces to your active and prospective customers. It is only possible once they have reached specific behaviours or even triggers.

This includes- reverse appending that helps you to track down the IP of the customer to their address. It further lets you can mail offers right at their doorsteps. So, yes, we can say that programmatic direct mail service is a great way to enhance your authenticity or build loyalty as a brand or even a company.

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How Do Programmatic Printing and Mailing Work?

Programmatic Print and Mail marketing is a little different from the conventional forms of direct mail marketing. Traditional advertising involves physical interactions or a human touch. On the other hand, programmatic advertising typically refers to purchasing digital advertising using system software. It means buying ads using a machine.

A direct mail campaign is an art form. We can say that direct mail is art that it is art, which involves the human touch and uses science to accomplish marketing goals. But, when it comes to programmatic printing, it is probably the first thing we all generally wonder about.

Unless a human is involved, can a system software determine the correct recipient of direct mail and how to customize it?

Marketing professionals know the value of a personal touch. Besides, when does a marketing campaign ever go as planned? Now, to be successful in marketing, establishing a sound physical interaction is vital. It is why you need to review your strategy in the middle of their run and adjust it manually when necessary.

Difference Between Programmatic Mail and Traditional Direct Mail Marketing

The capability of using programmatic direct mail services to buy online ads via real-time bidding is something worth considering. Recognizing that many marketers vying to reach the same consumer, businesses can implement the buying rules on that digital ad space when bidding on the customer in real-time.

Somehow, the winning cost on that bid may vary and can cost you oodles of money. But, can you avail the same benefit from a conventional form of direct mail marketing?

Traditional direct mail generally involves sending mail pieces to customers by using the available list of customer data or buying a customized mail list. However, using a third-party or customized mail list can somehow be a shot in the dark when talking about the outcomes.

A programmatic direct mail campaign is more like digital marketing. And, it delivers your messages to an audience that may be a good prospect automatically. Also, there is no human interference or individualization with programmatic direct mail because it is an automated process. Now, this is the aspect where it lacks a little.

Now that you have a sound knowledge of how Programmatic direct mail companies work along with the differences. Let us move ahead and jump on to the benefits it intends to provide.

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Benefits of Programmatic Print and Mail Marketing

Below listed are a few amazing benefits of using Programmatic direct mail for your business. They are:

  • It is Fast & Robust: It only takes 24 – 48 hours for you to reach your customers with an impactful direct mail piece
  • Boosts Brand Value & ROI: The return on investment of marketing campaigns with programmatic mail is higher than the ones without mail
  • Builds Long-Lasting Relationships: It builds on existing relationships, making the customer feel more appreciated or valued, thereby increasing their likelihood of responding
  • It is Quite Relevant: As we know, the recipients are always interested in its content, and Programmatic Mail is always relevant. Despite the time-sensitive nature of the process, automation makes it as possible and simple as sending an email
  • Tests & Drive Data: Building and testing data models can help determine which online behaviour has the most programmatic impact on your business. Now, it is not just about abandoned carts. Depending on what matters to you, it could be the level of attention paid to a particular piece of content, dwell time on a webpage, frequency of visits, and more

Combining PostGrid with Programmatic Direct Mail Campaign

With PostGrid, helps enhance your direct mail strategies by automating direct mail efficiently. As a marketer, you can make the most of your direct mail marketing campaign without putting yourself through the hassles of doing everything manually. It means that you are no longer limited to the size of campaigns and batches when creating relevant direct mail offers for customers.

We understand the benefits of programmatic direct mail. Thus, we know that combining direct mail with an existing digital campaign would be an incredible boost. As a result, PostGrid integrates directly with platforms like HubSpot, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and other marketing and sales automation platforms and CRMs.

You can even integrate PostGrid with your website or platforms like Zapier to make the most of our powerful direct print & mail API. Integrating your campaigns allows you to add new touchpoints, track progress, and measure campaign performance.

When combining programmatic mail, you are not limited to just integrating programmatic direct mail into digital campaigns. Here, your creativity is the only limit, which means that you can incorporate direct mail into your PPC campaigns, sales processes, and more.

Lastly, services like print & mail API and address verification at PostGrid are also relatively inexpensive. We make sure that you are at ease, even if you have bulk mailing or verification requirements.

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Programmatic Direct Mail Services- A Wise Option, Here’s Why

It is crucial to ask yourself- why is your company not using direct mail marketing automation?

As direct mail channels are becoming more integrated with other marketing efforts to generate in-depth analytics, the aspects that prevent businesses from switching to direct mail API are less relevant.

PostGrid allows you to create, plan, print, and launch high-impact triggered direct and programmatic mail campaigns like never before. Use it through your website or integrate it into the other marketing channels you’re already using and make a win-win.

Want to Try Programmatic Mail For your Business?

Would you say that you are losing customers at the decisive stages of their journey? Have low response rates? Are there any offers you could make to your buyers that would increase their likelihood of following through?

If your answer is a YES!

We can work with you to identify your most promising opportunities and schedule a quick call to evaluate what difference programmatic mail could make with PostGrid.