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New Location Announcement: How to Write Office Relocation Letters Effectively?

Did you ever have to deal with relocating your office premises to a different location? Imagine you get an excellent deal on the rent or tax benefits at a new building in another neighbourhood. 

What are the steps to inform your employees, customers, and associates about the move? Well, you can start by drafting a new location announcement letter and mailing it to the concerned people!

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Of course, moving your office can stir up mixed feelings among employees and business partners. But doing it right and announcing a new location beforehand may help ease the consequences. 

This blog discusses how to write an effective business relocation announcement to keep everyone updated and help you move smoothly. 

Let us get started!

What Things to Keep In Mind While Drafting an Office Relocation Announcement Letter?

We understand that writing a location change announcement is not a regular task for most businesses. So, we have mentioned some tips below to help you draft a responsive letter for your employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

Give Reasons for Your Relocation

Not sending a new office location announcement to customers may make them think you are shutting down your business. Hence, you have to inform them about your relocation with valid reasons.

The reasons might include

  • Workforce problems.
  • Space restrictions.
  • Business growth and expansion.
  • Tax benefits.
  • Upgradation of facilities for customers or employees.
  • Lower operational expenses or rent at the new location.
  • Downsizing, etc.

Moving to a different place to accommodate growth marks your company’s continued success, and your customers deserve to know about it.

Your new location announcement would act as a gesture of appreciation and call your old customers to continue business with you at your new location.

Involve Employees From the Start

Your employees should not come to know of your relocation plans from a business relocation announcement letter like your customers. They should be the first to be aware of this change once you finalize a deal or sign a new lease at a different location.

You may conduct a face-to-face meeting to discuss the move and get feedback. Let employees know of the benefits they might be getting, like more parking space, better working conditions, etc.

Try being sensitive and considerate because announcing a new location can cause them some inconvenience. They might spend more time travelling to the workplace or change their routines.

Offer them a hard copy of your new location announcement with all the details, like

The new office address

  • Timeline
  • Move date
  • Contact person
  • Landmarks
  • Commute plan (train, bus timings, etc.).

Send Your Letters in Advance

Timing is critical while sending the ‘we moved business’ announcement to customers and other related parties. You cannot send it too early because it can disrupt your current operations. Your business partners would send all crucial documents to the new address even before you are present there to collect them.

Similarly, sending the new location announcement too late can lead to customers or vendors sending crucial correspondence to the old address. Hence, you might miss out on the mailers or lose them.

You must give vendors or suppliers enough time to update your records in their system. Your employees would also need time to accept and cope with change.

The ideal time frame to send your business relocation announcement letters is two to three weeks. It helps your mailers to reach the audience at the right moment to help them know when the move is happening in real-time.

Update Your Address With Royal Mail

Many businesses and individuals fail to register their changed location with the NCOA when they move. You must send a new office location announcement to your nearby Royal Mail office to let them update your mailing address in their system. It helps you receive your mail accurately without your senders having any trouble.

Send a Reminder Email

It is never a good idea to use email or fax to make a significant announcement. Try using the mail services for announcing a new location, preferably Certified Mail, to inform your customers and associates about the move. It lets you have proof of mailing and delivery, helping you ensure everyone gets the update.

You can follow up with a reminder email after a few days of sending the new location announcement letter. It allows you to reinstate your message and provide all the details to your intended audience in electronic format.

Include Directions to the New Address (If Necessary)

Customers do not want to keep guessing about your new office location. They want a clear-cut address that is easy to find and visit. You can add a small map behind the letter or include landmarks, making it easier to reach the location.

Thank Your Customers or Vendors for Their Business

Financial services or banks can send upfront, formal new location announcement messages to clients. But other businesses might have to take a step ahead and thank their customers, vendors, etc., for their continued support at the old address.

You can mention in your business relocation announcement that you look forward to working with them again at the new location. And you want to enrich your relationships for many more years.

It is an excellent way to take your customer base with you and not lose business because of an address change.

How to Draft an Interactive New Office Location Announcement?

Here are the aspects you must include in your office relocation announcement letter to make it effective:

Correct Mailing Address

Your ‘we moved business’ announcement cannot have any impact if you send it to incorrect delivery addresses. You must validate your mailing list at least once before shipping to ensure you do not get mail returns.

Sending Registered Mail to send your announcement letters is advisable because it is more secure. But using it for announcing a new location can lead to a waste of money and time if you don’t cross-check your customer data.

An address verification API like PostGrid can help you standardize and verify your mailing address to avoid these problems. Luckily, PostGrid also offers automated direct mail solutions to allow you to draft, print, and ship your letters under one roof.

Contact Information

Your new location announcement must include all the contact details, irrespective of whether they are changing with your address. If your contact number or email address is changed, mention it in bold on the top of the letter on your letterhead.

You must also add your website link, fax number, and address (old if you have not moved yet). The new address must be in a separate section within the business relocation announcement letter, differentiating the two locations.

Include a Representative’s Details

There should be at least one representative to answer customer queries regarding your address change. This person should put any speculations about your business shutdown to rest and provide the necessary information on the spot.

Include this person’s name, contact number, and email address in the new office location announcement, and list them as the point of contact.

Working Days and Timings of Your Current Office

Some customers or vendors might want to visit you at your old office before you relocate. Add your working dates and operational hours in the new location announcement, enabling them to reach you effortlessly.

Move Date

Mentioning your relocation date is crucial to help everyone correspond with you smoothly. Remember to invite your customers and other parties if you plan on holding a launch at your new address on this day.

Office Relocation Announcement Sample

Your new location announcement letters can differ according to the reason you want to move. But here are two samples you can work around and personalize according to your needs.

#1 Office Relocation Announcement Letter to Customers

Hyland Apparels Inc
5201 Rockland RD
Montreal QC H3P 3E9

Date: 15 November 2024


Paris Oberman
128 McGill College AVE
Montreal QC H3A 3J5

Dear Ms. Paris,

This new location announcement letter is to inform you that, starting 25 November 2024, Friday, we will operate at a new address. It is located in the Bois-Franc neighbourhood (next to the Post Office) and is more comfortable and spacious.

The reason for this change is- we wanted to expand our store to accommodate more product ranges and serve you better. Our latest Fall collections alone come with at least 500 new sets. And the relocation made sense to help us deal with our business growth and development!

Having said that, please join us on 25 November to mark the beginning of our new store. We would offer a 25% discount on all our collections for customers visiting us during our grand launch.

Also, we want to thank you for your business and continued support throughout the years. Our staff looks forward to seeing you at the new store soon!

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Managing Director.


#2 Office Relocation Announcement Letter to Vendors


Date: 5 November 2024


Jace Ray
36 Brew Creek RD
Squamish BC V0N 3G0

Dear Mr. Jace,

We are excited to announce that we are relocating our office premises to a more central locality in Garibaldi Highlands, starting 20 November 2024. It is a few metres south of the New Western Mall and is more reachable than our current address.

We request you update your records accordingly and send all correspondence to our new address from the specified date.

Our phone number and email address will remain the same, so you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Lastly, we thank you for your cooperation and support along our journey. We hope to continue business with you at our new location.

Yours sincerely,
William Brooke
Senior Manager.

How Can PostGrid Allow Businesses to Send New Location Announcement Letters Effortlessly?

Our direct mail services enable companies to print and ship postcards, letters, flyers, invitations, newsletters, etc., at lightning-fast speeds. 

You can integrate our API into your CRM and automate mailing to your customers’ addresses within minutes. Below are some of PostGrid’s features our clients find most helpful:

  • Design templates: You can use our pre-built templates to draft your business relocation announcement without hiring a designer. Moreover, you can use the template editor and drag-and-drop to customize your artwork. 
  • PIPEDA-compliant mail: PostGrid complies with data privacy and security laws, like PIPEDA, HIPAA, SOC-2, etc. Thus, you can send your ‘we moved business’ announcement to customers, vendors, partners, etc., without breaching Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • The number of users: PostGrid allows you to add or remove users according to your requirements. It means letting employees from sales, marketing, finance, and other departments process print and mail orders systematically and conveniently. 
  • Automated mail printing and preparation: Clients need not print their new office location announcement letters and attach stamps in-house. PostGrid helps them automate these manual tasks, saving time and money and improving productivity. Our print partners ensure to produce your items in the best quality possible!
  • Measuring performance: You can track your sent mail, access periodic reports, and get campaign insights using your PostGrid dashboard. Our direct mail API offers numerous advanced features, like per-piece tracking, QR codes, etc., to help send your new location announcement effectively. 

Sign up now to learn more about PostGrid’s direct mail services to help businesses send new location announcement mailers affordably and speedily!

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