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Why Use Direct Mail for Healthcare Marketing Trends?

Healthcare marketers are racing to explore healthcare marketing trends to gather new leads and transform them into customers who will visit yearly. Healthcare marketing trends are becoming complex with stiff competition, technological innovation, and new regulations in Canada. Yet, there’s no need to demotivate yourself since you can upgrade your strategies with the best healthcare marketing trends.

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Implementing influential marketing trends will help you get an edge over your competitors, convert more leads, and improve patient satisfaction and retention. This blog will help you understand the most reliable healthcare market trends you can install in your healthcare business.

Canadian Healthcare Sector Introspection


To install reliable healthcare marketing trends, let’s take an introspective look at the Canadian healthcare sector;

  • Canada is spending around $264 billion in the healthcare industry.
  • The country is paying a per-person expenditure of $7068 for healthcare services.
  • Canada is witnessing a growth of 4.2% over the previous year in the healthcare sector.
  • The healthcare sector of Canada has a GDP of 11.6%.

B2B Healthcare Marketing Trends in Canada

Healthcare market trends have to abide by specific guidelines and regulations by the federal government and other provincial organizations. Using healthcare marketing trends in Canada must be accurate, not misleading, and must focus on the health and safety of consumers.

Health Canada must approve advertising for prescription drugs according to its Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. Healthcare marketers must provide balanced information about medicine or treatment’s benefits and potential risks.

The Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada reviews and evaluates medical device advertising. It helps the governing body to ensure that the device complies with the necessary regulatory requirements and provides precise information to consumers.

To provide services, healthcare providers and facilities have to be transparent about their services, qualifications, and fees. Additionally, they should avoid any false or misleading claims about their services. Transparency is a critical component of healthcare market trends in Canada.

Healthcare Marketing Challenges in Canada

Although Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, marketers still face some critical challenges while implementing healthcare marketing trends;

Stringent Regulations

The healthcare regulations in Canada are strict, which makes it hard for marketers to advertise their products and services. For example, there are several restrictions on direct-to-customer advertising of prescription drugs. It can limit the effect of healthcare marketing trends.

High Competition

The Canadian healthcare industry is competitive, and it has become hard for new players to survive in this market. Healthcare marketers must rely on various healthcare marketing trends to stand out from the crowd and differentiate from their competitors.

The Limitations of Budgets

Healthcare organizations often need more budgets for implementing healthcare marketing trends. It makes it hard to promote their products and services to the public.

Privacy Concerns

Healthcare companies have to ensure the privacy of their consumers. Thus, they must be cautious while collecting, storing, and using consumer information. Data-driven marketing initiatives are not possible in this industry due to the sensitivity of the data.

Complex Products

Healthcare products and services can be complex for consumers to understand the market. Thus, it could be difficult for marketers to communicate with their consumers and install healthcare marketing trends.

Time-Sensitive Information

The healthcare industry is dependent on information technology. Moreover, innovative treatments and technologies are emerging. Thus, healthcare marketers must stay up-to-date on the latest developments and innovations in the industry to use the best healthcare marketing trends.

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Importance of Healthcare Marketing Trends in Canada

Canadian healthcare companies should use the best healthcare market trends for the following reasons;

Informed Patients

Healthcare companies provide accurate and comprehensive information about their products and services. It makes the patients more educated and helps them make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Patients can also expect better health outcomes and improvement in quality of life.

Improvement in Access to Care

Healthcare companies use trending healthcare marketing trends to raise awareness of their medical products and awareness. It could improve access to care for patients.

Introduction to Innovation

Healthcare marketing trends can help providers drive innovation in the industry by promoting new medical treatments and technologies. Medical practices and health outcomes will improve with practical marketing efforts.

Economic Benefits to the Industry

Businesses using healthcare marketing trends support economic growth by creating jobs and increasing the demand for healthcare products and services. It can impact the healthcare sector, local communities, and the economy as a whole.

Improvement in Healthcare Literacy

Healthcare marketing trends can help improve health literacy by educating people about different health conditions and treatment options. It would help people with earlier diagnosis and treatment to improve their health outcomes.

Using Direct Mail for Healthcare Marketing

Trust is the most critical aspect of the healthcare industry. Patients will always look for doctors, healthcare organizations, vendors, and suppliers they can trust.

Digital marketing might be famous and influential in capturing leads and transforming them into patients. Yet, direct mail is still a trustworthy marketing medium for healthcare businesses. It is one of the best healthcare marketing trends for healthcare businesses to try and use.

We can distinguish direct mail healthcare marketing into two segments;

  • Marketing to healthcare providers
  • Marketing to patients

Marketing to healthcare providers is essential for distributors of medical services and equipment. In contrast, marketing to patients is necessary for insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. PostGrid Print Mail API is HIPAA-compliant and SOC-certified to ensure that patient data gets the highest level of safety and care. It could be an excellent medium for your healthcare business to use the best healthcare marketing trends,

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Why Direct Mail Still Works for Healthcare Businesses?

In the digital age, when everyone’s email inboxes are full of tons of emails, what could be an effective way to reach your prospects without overwhelming them?

Direct mail marketing is still alive! An excellent direct mail with personalization is a great way to entice and engage a big audience. Here’s why you should include direct mail API in your choice of healthcare marketing trends;

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Guidelines to Remember Before You Start Your Direct Mail Campaign for a Healthcare Business

Healthcare is an information-sensitive industry; thus, it is essential to consider the guidelines of a governing body. If the body prohibits using specific phrases, claims, or offer types, avoid these at all costs to maintain your reputation.

After learning about the guidelines to use healthcare marketing trends, learn about your audience, create an appealing offer, and make your brand memorable.

People Get Less Direct Mail in their Inboxes

Many people have the misconception that traditional mail advertising is dying due to the rise of digital marketing. Yet, less competition in direct mail marketing can work in your favor.

Mailboxes are generally empty because everyone is moving towards digital space to spread information. Thanks to online billing, consumers can now check and pay their bills online. Moreover, they don’t even receive fliers from newspapers due to cutbacks. Direct mail could be one of the best healthcare marketing trends in the healthcare industry.

People value receiving direct mail in their mailboxes these days. You can use this fantastic opportunity to launch your marketing campaign and stand out. With a creative design and the right timing, you can create the perfect impact on your prospects.

Personalize and Target Mail to Your Audience

If you can reach the target audience with personalization, you can expect a positive response and business from them. With the help of direct mail, you can target qualified households even before launching your campaign.

For example, healthcare companies can target households with senior citizens and use the best healthcare market trends. Personalization is also easy with direct mail to expect improvement in potential response. By adding personalization elements to your healthcare direct mail, you can give a personal touch to your target audience and engage them longer.

Direct mail marketing utilizes useful data-driven demographic information to discover a target market and the audience’s needs. Healthcare organizations can use database marketing and segmentation techniques to reach their ideal patients.

You can use these areas to identify potential target markets for implementing healthcare marketing trends;

  • Demographics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Psychographic data (Attitudes and aspirations of the consumers)
  • Geographic location

Direct Mail is a Reminder of Your Business

Many healthcare businesses use email marketing to promote their products and services. Such emails might go into the spam folders, or people might ignore them. Thus, you might have a less extended presence in the minds of your target audience.

Direct mail provides some of the best long-term results to healthcare companies while implementing healthcare marketing trends. The physical presence of direct mail works like a constant reminder to remind the recipients about your business.

Instead of throwing it right away into a trashcan, they will at least take their time to check the mail piece. As a healthcare marketer, you can add a magnet to your direct mail piece that stays on recipients’ refrigerators for weeks or even months. PostGrid Print Mail API allows you to integrate QR codes and tracking numbers to track the progress of your direct mail campaigns.

You can also send postcards with personalization to make your presence impressive and long-lasting. Direct mail is an effective marketing medium for implementing healthcare marketing trends. Digital marketing advertisements might be visual, but direct mail advertising gives consumers more tactile engagement and improves brand recognition.

We Can Integrate Direct Mail with Other Marketing Approaches

Direct mail marketing can supplement other forms of marketing to create a better impact on consumers. For example, some healthcare companies can run direct mail campaigns and radio ads to use influential healthcare marketing trends.

With omnichannel marketing, you have more chances to get your target audience as new patients. People might interact with your brand in many ways; thus, having a presence on various channels can give you a competitive advantage.

You should divide your marketing budget so prospective patients can hear the right message at the right moment. It would help your business to use healthcare marketing trends.

Get Amazing Results from Direct Mail Campaigns

Physical mail can provide excellent results for your marketing efforts if you expect good returns on investment in healthcare marketing trends.

Direct mail marketing focuses on strategy and creativity. You can use the following guidelines for your direct mail pieces to get better results;

  • Include promotional offers with the “free” word. (For example, Free Diabetic Checkup).
  • Announcement of new locations.
  • Include an object that consumes a physical space – like a refrigerator magnet.

Direct Mail Healthcare Marketing Tips and Best Practices

You might have understood that direct mail marketing brings excellent results. Yet, it can be complex and challenging if you have yet to gain prior experience with direct mail marketing. If you are relying on traditional direct mail techniques, it could be a time-consuming, manual, and intimidating experience.

PostGrid Print Mail API gives healthcare companies the best opportunities to use the best healthcare marketing trends. You can launch successful marketing campaigns effortlessly, efficiently, and affordably.

These are the most effective direct mail marketing campaigns to use B2B healthcare marketing trends;

Promote Your Expertise with Helpful Content

Powerful content drives effective direct mail campaigns. By providing valuable content to your prospects, you can create interest and engagement for your business. Here are some tips and ideas that you can use in your direct mail campaigns:

  • How to control your blood sugar?
  • Myths about health conditions.
  • Best exercises to improve your lung capacity.
  • Best home remedies for skin problems.
  • How to achieve a healthy lifestyle?
  • Common health concerns after 45.

These examples help to think about more ideas for the content strategy for your direct mail campaign. You can also share diagnosis and treatment stories to motivate thousands of patients and use the best healthcare marketing trends.

Using Different Direct Mail Formats

Healthcare companies can use various direct mail formats to engage their audience. The form must suit their requirements and complements the message they are trying to share.

Try using unique and creative designs to spark interest among your target audience. Sending plain white envelopes might not appeal to your target audience and be practical for implementing any healthcare market trends.

It is optional for healthcare direct mail pieces to be boring; you can opt for various formats such as letters, postcards, flyers, brochures, and more. Postcards are great for sending creative and custom mail, while flyers are more affordable and practical for visual marketing.

You can use PostGrid’s direct mailing services for healthcare if you plan to send letters, notices, patient billing statements, and more. It would make your letters more appealing and help you use the best healthcare marketing trends.

Sending Direct Mail for Healthcare Appointment RemindersHealthcare companies, hospitals, dental clinics, diagnostic centers, etc., can use direct mail to send appointment reminders to their patients. It ensures a proper flow of communication for patients and medical institutions.

Being creative in all the direct mail pieces you send to your patients is unnecessary. Instead, sending constant appointments to direct healthcare mail can help you to stay connected and promote branding. This strategy is also one of the most influential healthcare marketing trends.

Sending Updates on Important Dates

Healthcare organizations can target their audience on specific important dates with direct mail. You can send mail pieces on days like World AIDS Day, World Health Day, World Mental Health Day, and more.

Create a sense of urgency among people by launching exclusive offers or an annual enrolment plan for health insurance. On these critical dates, the patients are more likely to spend more on medical services than on other days. It could be one of the best healthcare marketing trends you can use this year.

Helping People to Locate Your Business

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) page could help your patients locate your business online. With a business listing on Google, you might keep your potential customers and create a positive impact on your reputation in the market.

You can send direct mail to promote your business location and contact information as a healthcare service provider. For example, you can integrate a Google Maps link into your direct mail piece to help patients navigate your business. Adding GMB info is one of the best healthcare marketing trends.

Launching Campaigns on Different Demographics

Starting generic campaigns is never profitable for healthcare organizations. Instead, they should target patients based on various demographics such as age, lifestyle habits, gender, and health conditions.

You can use PostGrid’s direct mail services for building healthcare mail lists with the correct deliverable addresses. It would improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while implementing healthcare market trends.

Using Direct Mail to Win Patient’s Trust

Many people are skeptical when they are about to see a doctor or visit a hospital. There’s a constant fear among them that might cause lead to mental health issues. You can use direct mail to remove this fear among your patients by communicating with them.

Sending weekly or monthly mail items is one of the leading healthcare marketing trends. It would help the patients to normalize talking about their health issues and finding the right solutions. Your healthcare organization will be building more trust and getting higher healthcare direct mail response rates.

Customizing the Images and Visual Appeal

Direct mail could be a very eye-catching and impressive way to capture the attention of your prospects. When you add proper images and graphics to your message, you can communicate in the best way possible.

Typography can also make your direct mail piece more exciting and engaging to the audience. Your direct mail must have a compelling headline, clear and minimalistic font, and self-explanatory graphics.

A straightforward design is always a part of healthcare marketing trends.

Instead of having a long message, you can divide it into smaller segments or bullet points that are ready to understand and remember. Rely on charts, graphics, and illustrations to help understand complex information.

PostGrid’s Print Mail platform’s template editor lets you design, print, and mail your direct mail pieces with full automation. Moreover, our platform supports A/B testing, which helps you understand which direct mail variation is the most suitable for your healthcare organization. With such effective measures, you can use the best healthcare marketing trends.

Building Crediblity with Testimonials and Reviews 

These days everyone looks for genuine, authentic reviews before trusting a business. Reviews and testimonials play a significant role in helping patients select a doctor or healthcare provider. Moreover, it enables healthcare organizations to boost their appointment ratios with patient reviews. Adding reviews to the marketing message is one of the best healthcare marketing trends today.

You can also ask your existing patients for testimonials and reviews on your website or offline. Later, add these reviews to your direct mail pieces to increase the credibility of your healthcare organization. New patients will also start to show more trust and loyalty by reading or watching videos of customer testimonials from your marketing materials.

Send Postcards to Say Thanks

Sending a thank-you direct mail postcard to patients after their appointments will make them feel valuable to your organization. Your healthcare business will be able to give a personal touch to the communication and leave a long-lasting impression on patients. A postcard is a great marketing medium and might be one of the best healthcare marketing trends.


Healthcare businesses face stiff competition in Canada while implementing the best healthcare market trends. There needs to be more than using digital marketing channels to stand out. Thus, it would help if you considered using direct mail marketing with an automation platform.

PostGrid’s Print Mail API is the perfect solution for healthcare businesses that want a compliant and efficient platform.

Healthcare businesses can enjoy the following benefits while implementing healthcare marketing trends;

  • Compliant PDN: PostGrid and its partners are HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant; thus, we always securely manage data.
  • Secure Logs: All your data is safe, following GDPR and SOC-2 standards.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: We ensure enterprise-level security to ensure your data’s complete safety and confidentiality.
  • Complete Automation: Our platform lets you send direct mail automatically in response to various events within your CRM.

Use the best healthcare marketing trends with PostGrid Print Mail API.

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