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How To Grow Leads And Conversions With Effective EdTech Marketing?

The EdTech industry is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to Grand View research, the market size of global education technology had a value of $106.46 billion in 2021. But as competition tightens, it is becoming more and more challenging to capture market share with traditional marketing strategies.

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It is high time EdTech companies invest in EdTech marketing specialized for the current market. Here, we discuss some of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies you can employ for your EdTech companies.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about how to use specialized EdTech marketing for your business, this article is for you.

What Is Edtech Marketing?

Any marketing or communication effort you use to generate leads or boost brand recognition of your EdTech company comes under EdTech marketing or advertising. You can use online and offline marketing strategies to market your EdTech business. 

Use a multi- or omnichannel campaign if you want to go for an even more advanced marketing strategy. You can incorporate diver channels into your EdTech marketing campaigns by employing an omnichannel marketing strategy. 

Moreover, employing multiple channels for your marketing efforts is the best way to boost your reach and maximize EdTech marketing results. However, using various channels guarantees the desired results if you implement them correctly. 

How Do EdTech Companies Generate Leads?

EdTech companies use numerous methods and communication channels for marketing their products and services effectively. As mentioned above, an effective Edtech marketing strategy combines marketing efforts through online and offline marketing channels

It means combining your digital marketing strategies, like social media marketing, with offline marketing strategies, like direct mail marketing. Below, we discuss how you can effectively implement EdTech marketing campaigns for your organization. 

Track Your Present EdTech Marketing Results

An excellent way to optimize your EdTech marketing results is to assess your present marketing results. You must consider, interpret, and optimize your existing marketing strategy to understand the necessary changes. 

Start with the basics. Measure past data, such as purchases, leads, and demos. Two marketers out of three say that their data-backed decisions are more effective than gut instincts. Assessing your existing EdTech marketing efforts with a data-first approach enables you to get your hands on valuable information.

The data you collect from your existing marketing campaigns can help you better understand your target market. Employ the following methods to better track your current EdTech marketing campaigns. 

Categorize Your Audience Metrics

One of the best ways to assess your existing EdTech marketing strategy is to categorize or segment your audience metrics. It is because EdTech companies often sell to a broad range of audiences, such as the following.

  • Public schools
  • Private schools.
  • Universities and colleges.
  • Specialized institutions.
  • Enterprises (educate their workforce).
  • Etc.

Categorizing your audience includes assessing which channels and marketing messages better work on each audience segment. Likely, each audience segment or category responds differently to your different EdTech marketing campaigns or messages. You can identify a pattern from your assessment and pitch the appropriate marketing campaigns to relevant audiences.

Integrate Your Analytics And Insights

The last thing you want for your EdTech marketing is the formation of silos. Don’t get us wrong. We are not contradicting our statement about segmenting your audience. But you must also integrate the analytics and insight data to connect the dots between the various data you obtain.

Suppose you use multiple EdTech marketing strategies and channels. In that case, you also have various metrics, such as website, social, ad, Etc. You must understand how these metrics work together to assess the overall impact of your marketing efforts.

Looking at a single metric of your business and making assumptions based on it is one of the common mistakes EdTech marketers make. Make sure to apply all the data from your assessment to make the necessary changes to your EdTech marketing campaigns.

Enhance EdTech Marketing With Educational Inbound Marketing 

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your EdTech marketing is with the help of inbound educational marketing. Since you are already in the education business, this strategy should be relatively easy.

As you know, inbound marketing enables you to attract a relevant audience to your business without the hefty funding of marketing ads. Your inbound marketing strategy can comprise many elements, such as blogs, videos on social media platforms, and SEO. Learn to use all the components to create an effective EdTech marketing campaign.

Utilize Content Marketing

Any EdTech marketing expert you go to will tell you that content marketing is the best way to drag in inbound leads. Most, if not all, successful inbound marketing strategies revolve around strong content of some form. 

A perfect example of how do EdTech companies generate leads is Treehouse. The e-learning company shares helpful content to boost online engagements and improve inbound marketing results. Free content offers significant value and shows your expertise in specific subjects.

It is the best way to create a reputation for your EdTech company. You can also use blogs to detail the appropriate EdTech plans you offer. Another effective method you can try with your EdTech marketing strategy is to use videos or personalized direct mail to highlight the key takeaways. If it’s video content, you can add a link to the blog, and for direct mail, you can include a QR code linking the blog.

Video-Based EdTech Marketing

Although you can club video-based marketing with content marketing, it deserves your special attention. The growth of technology in education makes it inevitable to use video content for its services and marketing strategies. 

Moreover, targeting a society practically obsessed with Instagram Reels and TikTok videos is easy using videos. The thing about the audience of your EdTech marketing videos is that they are only sometimes urbane or sophisticated. 

They need to spend more time on extensive research. It makes module-type videos even more popular. Such videos help to explain the concepts more quickly and without much flashy content. You must make your video-based EdTech marketing centre around how your company can help the students. 

Following are the different types of video content you can use in your EdTech marketing campaigns.

High-Level Explainer Videos

It is the video you use to explain a problem to your audience in detail. The high-level explainer videos explain how students can fix the problem they are facing using your product/service. Besides that, the video should also explain the benefits of fixing that problem using your help. The advantage of this video is that it is ideal for all EdTech marketing audiences.

Feature Videos

As the name suggests, feature videos include all the essential features your EdTech company offers its customers. If you intend to use feature videos for EdTech marketing, ensure that you have appropriate features for specific audience segments. It is also crucial to explain how your target audience can benefit from your EdTech product or service.

Update Announcement Videos

EdTech companies can use update-announcement videos to showcase their attractive new features to the target audience. Consider showing snippets of your product’s most significant or helpful features in the video. Hence, the viewer knows and understands the details of the update. It shows that your EdTech product constantly evolves to meet customer needs and can boost your EdTech marketing efforts.

Product How-To Videos

The last EdTech marketing video we want to bring to your attention is the product how-to video. You can use this type of video to show your customers how they can use specific features or capabilities of your EdTech product. One of the most significant benefits of product how-to videos is that it is ideal for Search Engine Optimization, as Google loves step-by-step videos.

Scale Your EdTech Marketing Efforts With Automation

Automation is the best thing that can happen for all your Edtech marketing campaigns. With the help of marketing automation tools like PostGrid, you can save time and streamline several aspects of your marketing efforts. 

More importantly, it enables you to significantly scale up your EdTech marketing strategy, including offline methods like direct mail. Automation is the only way to scale up your operations and make free time for your marketing team.

An incredible 76% of marketers employing automation see a positive ROI within just a year. And the best part is that now you have an automation solution for practically everything. Even offline marketing strategies like direct mail marketing have powerful automation solutions like PostGrid.

EdTech Marketing Via Landing Page Automation

Landing page automation is another way to provide a better user experience for your target audience. By landing page automation, we mean optimizing your landing pages to suggest data the customer needs to feed into the page. For example, you can present the user’s postal code by automatically detecting their location. 

Or you can go for an even more advanced approach using an Address Autocomplete API. Advanced Address Autocomplete APIs like PostGrid can detect the server location and access the Canada Post address database to suggest verified addresses. It is a great way to streamline your overall EdTech marketing experience and boost conversion by enhancing convenience.

Automating your primary lead capture systems, such as landing pages, has several advantages. But the most significant among them is that it lets the user and your business save time. As a result, this type of EdTech marketing effort helps you maximize your firm’s free time and productivity.

Automated Response

Another excellent way to use automation to your advantage is to use it to generate an automatic response. Customers don’t like to keep waiting. You must use automated responses wherever it is possible, including your Edtech marketing campaigns.

Every time the customer responds to your marketing efforts, you should provide them with an acknowledgement. You can send automated mail for more desirable actions, such as signing up on your website or purchasing. Employing such an EdTech marketing strategy lets you create scalable solutions and meet customer expectations.

EdTech Marketing Via Direct Mail Automation

Direct mail is arguably the most effective EdTech marketing strategy you can employ for your business. It has an incredible open rate of up to 90% making it an excellent initial touchpoint. Furthermore, implementing direct mail automation is also quick using tools like PostGrid.

Advanced direct mail automation software like PostGrid lets you personalize your marketing mailer. You can connect PostGrid’s direct mail API directly to your CRM solution and personalize your EdTech marketing mailers with a button.

If you don’t want to integrate the API, you can use PostGrid’s web interface to send bulk mail for your marketing campaigns. You can use a simple CSV file containing the details of your audience to send a marketing mailer. Similarly, you can also automate other marketing channels, such as email, with the appropriate tools.

Sign up on PostGrid’s website to try sending bulk mail as part of your EdTech marketing campaign!

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