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Where to Buy Postcards Online?

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Where to Buy Postcards Online: Top 8 Places You Must Consider

“Marketing isn’t magic. There is a science to it.” – Dan Zarella. 

Yet, we all know this science has something to do with winning people’s trust, confidence, and affection. And it is the reason companies use direct mail marketing to communicate one-to-one via mailers, like postcards, letters, etc. But where to buy postcards online?

how to write a postcard in canada

Luckily, you have multiple options to purchase different types of greeting cards and postcards online and in-store. Typically, people buy them from a retailer, create postcards at home, or print them at a photo store. 

This blog discusses who sells postcards and how to send them effectively!

Let us get started!

Where Can I Buy Postcards?

To decide the best place to buy postcards online, look for a store that offers many different types, like holidays, travel, birthday, anniversary, business postcards, etc. Some of these cards are blank, so you can print custom images and messages, while others already have everything. You only need to put down your name and mailing address, and you are good to go! 

Postcards feel personal and nostalgic to most people! Thus, individuals send them as a token of love and gratitude. Marketing postcards also almost work the same way—they introduce your company and form trustworthy relationships. But, you must take care where to buy post cards to ensure you send top-notch quality mailers that can drive responses!

Here are the top options to help you decide the best place to buy postcards and use them as part of your marketing programs:

#1 PostGrid

PostGrid’s direct mail services help you create postcards online, print them, and ship them to your audience simultaneously. You can use our postcard design templates and customize your postcards within minutes. Also, you may add several variables, like the names, locations, preferences, etc., of your intended recipients. 

PostGrid is the best place to buy postcards online because it offers flexibility and transparency. You can order any number of postcards you want in minutes and mail them to any part of the world. Think speedy designing, mass printing, labelling, and shipping in one go—with you only pushing some buttons on your device!

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about “are postcards still available?” PostGrid offers the most affordable rates in the country and helps you boost your mailing efficiency. 

Also, if you want to know how to get postage-paid postcards, PostGrid can help you get them whenever needed. Our postcard API can help pre-print postage information and get bulk discounts from Canada Post, helping you save more money!

#2 Etsy

Etsy is one of the largest online retailers who sells postcards for different occasions. It is a digital storefront to browse and shop vintage, custom-made, and handmade products, including greeting cards, colourful envelopes, and postcards. 

The rates are affordable, making Etsy the best place to buy postcards online and helping you order hundreds of items. You can also purchase single postcards if you only want to mail them to a few crucial customers. However, you may need to pay to ship the items to your delivery address.

If you are puzzled about where to buy state postcards, you can try Etsy. It offers a wide range of printed items to help you communicate with your prospects and customers at different events. 

Some vendors sell pre-printed postcards, but you can also buy blank ones if you want to print your custom images and messages. However, unlike PostGrid, some Etsy sellers do not offer international shipping. So, remember to cross-check your mailing location before you pay and order. 

#3 Hallmark

It is hard to say that Hallmark is the best place to buy postcards because many Hallmark stores do not have them. However, it is an excellent option if you want to find an online store to purchase postcards. 

Hallmark’s website helps you answer the question- are postcards still available or out of stock? Thus, you can check the availability online and order them effortlessly. You may schedule a pick-up from a nearby store or ask them to ship the cards to your delivery address. 

Hallmark offers several postcard collections, like Halloween, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. It also has birthday, thank-you, and wedding postcards, allowing you to browse and select whatever you need. 

But there is one downside to choosing Hallmark when deciding where to buy postcards online—you need to pay extra for envelopes. Most individuals and businesses send postcards as self-mailers, making these envelopes useless and causing wastage. 

#4 Walmart

As of 2020, Canada had 408 Walmart stores with daily foot traffic of nearly 2.4 million customers. Undoubtedly, Walmart features many collections of beauty, sporting, hardware, apparel, jewelry, and houseware items. However, it is also one of the best places to buy postcards online and offline!

It sells pre-printed, invitation-style, blank postcards of several sizes and types. Hence, you can skip worrying about where can I get postcards near me. Also, you can purchase custom-made postcards at Walmart Photo, making this store a versatile option for your business. The best part is that you can pick up your items the same day at most stores or have Walmart deliver them to your house. 

You can also bring your photos to Walmart Photo, and the staff can make postcards using your pictures on the spot. 

#5 Target

Almost everyone considers Target to be their one-stop shopping destination. But is it the correct place to go if you want to know where to buy postcards online? Yes!

Target stores sell blank postcards you may design and print at home or office. However, it also has invitation-style postcards with premade designs if you do not have a printer. 

Target is one of the best place to buy postcards in-store because you can pick them up in two hours only. Or you can schedule delivery to your address on the same day!

Target’s online storefront helps you find postcards according to several brands, occasions, rates, patterns, types, etc. Thus, you do not need to worry about where to buy post cards for different events because you have hundreds of choices. 

#6 Amazon

Amazon has a worldwide reputation for selling all kinds of products for home or office use. But, very few people know it is also the best place to buy postcards online and get them at your mailing address speedily. 

It helps you purchase postcards in bulk at cheap rates. Furthermore, you can buy readymade postcards for different occasions that are eye-catching and interactive. 

Amazon makes purchasing postcards much cheaper than printing them using your printer. But remember that it does offer pre-stamped postcards USPS like PostGrid. You must do the heavy lifting of printing labels, affixing stamps, and taking them to the Post Office for shipping. 

#7 eBay

eBay is another popular online marketplace selling hundreds of product types. It also offers high-quality postcards you can browse online and buy according to your preferences. 

eBay helps you know where to buy state postcards because you can filter your preferences effortlessly. You can search for vintage, art, and creative postcards that you can send to your prospects and win their interest. 

#8 Canada Post

Many businesses ask where to get pre-stamped postcards near me to mail them directly without affixing postage stamps. Canada Post Offices are the best place to buy postcards across the country. 

You can visit a nearby Post Office or postal outlet and purchase postcards of your choice offline. Or you can view their collection on Canada Post’s website and buy them online. 

All the pre-stamped postcards USPS and Canada Post include the cost of shipping. Thus, you don’t need to pay extra when you lodge the items or drop them off at the mailbox. 

The rates are reasonable, and you can purchase them from Monday to Saturday, except on federal holidays

How Many Stamps Do You Need to Ship Postcards?

You only need one postage stamp to ship a postcard if it falls under the standard Canada Post weight limit of 50 g. Also, the maximum dimensions should be 9.6” x 6.1” or 245 mm x 156 mm. Thus, consider these things before you decide where to buy postcards online or offline. 

If you think your retailer is the best place to buy postcards, enquire about the postcard weight and size specifications in advance. You may need to pay more postage and surcharges on large-sized or square postcards. Oversize and non-standard postcards weigh between 0 and 500 g. Their maximum dimensions are 15” x 10.6” or 380 mm x 270 mm.

The rate of one Canada Post stamp is $1.07, but you can get impressive discounts if you buy it in bulk. However, the number of postage stamps to send postcards can differ if you want to mail items internationally. So, visit your local Post Office to get an accurate estimate. 

An excellent way to purchase postcards of the correct size and weight is to buy them from the best place to buy postcards online- PostGrid. 

Our direct mail API and automation software help you print and ship pre-stamped postcards USPS and Canada Post in no time.

How Do PostGrid’s Online Direct Mail Solutions Help You Buy and Ship Postcards?

As discussed above, you have many choices if you want to know where to buy postcards online or in-store. However, only PostGrid helps you ship your postcards to their destinations!

Online stores, like Target or Walmart, can ship the items to your office address. But, they don’t fulfill mailing to hundreds of your intended recipients. Thus, it falls on you to affix the appropriate postage, label your postcards, and take them to the Post Office. 

Of course, finding pre-stamped postcards USPS and Canada Post can help you skip the stage where you must stick stamps. But, you still have several tasks pending, like presorting the items and lodging them. 

PostGrid offers an all-in-one solution to help you create personalized postcards, produce them, and mail them to your audience. It is the best place to buy postcards online because you get several advanced features, like:

  • API integrations: You can integrate our print and mail API into your CRM. Hence, you don’t need to enter customer data manually. The integration helps you fetch the necessary information and auto-fill everything in seconds. 
  • Per-piece tracking: PostGrid enables companies to track every sent postcard to help them stay up-to-date with their campaign’s progress. 
  • Secure mailings: We offer secure pre-stamped postcards USPS and Canada Post—compliant with PIPEDA, HIPAA, and SOC-2. PostGrid strives to keep your data private and confidential by implementing high-security encryption and other measures.


We hope this blog helps you learn where to buy postcards online and how to select the best option. You may need to dig deeper to see if you find the postcards of your choice, but most of these choices offer an extensive range to help you. 

PostGrid allows all businesses to create and ship postcards, letters, flyers, etc., to help bring them closer to their target audience. Hence, they can improve their direct mail marketing activities and increase their ROI significantly. 

Talk to our sales team to learn more about the best place to buy postcards online and how PostGrid can help!

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