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Direct Mail Marketing to Doctors

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direct mail marketing to doctors

How to Conduct Successful Campaigns for Direct Mail Marketing to Doctors?

Are you struggling to connect with doctors and establish referral relationships? Most doctors have their staff intercept all messages before they reach them. Therefore, contacting them 1:1 is a hectic and time-consuming process.

direct mail marketing to doctors

There is only one way to overcome this communication gap and generate higher responses- direct mail marketing to doctors

Direct mail automation software helps pharmaceutical companies, orthopedic services, and similar businesses reach out to their target audience personally and form emotional connections.

But, you must ensure that you have a verified mailing list to help you conduct a successful mailing campaign. The Canada Post receives nearly 20 million address change requests every year, so try updating your database before every mailing.

Ensure that your lists contain standardized and validated mailing addresses to help you conduct targeted campaigns and boost direct marketing to physicians.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best practices to improve your campaigns for direct mail marketing to doctors. We will also cover why you should use address verification services to confirm the accuracy of your lists.

Top 8 Things to Remember While Planning Direct Mail Marketing to Doctors

There are several ways to help you create productive mailing campaigns and see better results. We have enlisted a few of these ways below to help you get started:

Use Creative Direct Mail Formats and Sizes 

We all receive white-coloured, plain-looking envelopes every once in a while. Do you pick them up and see what’s inside? Probably not, because you may feel that they consist of lousy marketing messages.

Remember the same thing while crafting strategies for direct mail marketing to physicians. Instead of sending plain envelopes that scream “SPAM,” get creative and experiment with different formats and sizes.

Try adding one-line teasers on the outer cover or using bright, colourful envelopes. Also, you may use other direct mail types like postcards and flyers apart from letters to grab your audience’s attention.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, look into oversized postcards and envelopes. Some businesses also use embossed envelopes with glossy finishing to make a better impression.

Personalize Your Messages and Imagery

Personalizing a full-colour mail item with the recipient’s name increases response ratios by 135%. This figure states that graphics and personalization make a positive impact on your direct marketing to physicians.

Thus, choose a layout that complements your message and format. Make sure you use relevant images that your target physicians can relate to. Refrain from using stock images that give a generic feel to your mailpieces.

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Another thing to focus on while planning direct mail marketing to doctors is targeted messaging. Try choosing headlines and CTAs that best appeal to your audience and make them take action.

Be Specific and Genuine

Never overstate your offerings or make false promises while asking doctors for referrals. It can tarnish your reputation and lead to loss of business.

Always talk naturally while drafting a copy for direct marketing to physicians. It should be genuine, to the point, and professional. To increase the authenticity of your direct mail, try adding some reviews or testimonials by other doctors who have already referred you to their patients.

Include Your Contact Details and Try to Meet Doctors Personally

Sending a direct mailpiece should only be step one of your strategy for direct mail marketing to doctors. Also, consider integrating mail with digital channels like email. The best thing you can do is fix an appointment with physicians via mail and send them email reminders.

By meeting doctors face-to-face, you can explain your services better and strengthen personal relationships. It also allows you to hear their opinions and customize your messages accordingly.

Don’t forget to add your contact number, email, and address to all your items. Your recipients must have a plethora of options to contact you according to their convenience.

Showcase Your Knowledge With Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to portray your expertise in a specific field and highlight your services in the best way possible. You can use high-quality content to add value to your marketing items for direct marketing to physicians.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Create a blog section on your website to post informational content about your services.
  • Share your blog links on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Also, add these links to your offline mail items to develop a cross-channel marketing tactic. Alternatively, you can add QR codes that make it easier for doctors to scan and read your articles.

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Keep In Touch With Your Existing Clients

It is crucial to generate new leads and get more referring physicians on board. But, take care to also engage with your existing clients from time to time. Your efforts for direct mail marketing to doctors must be channelled toward both current and potential collaborations.

Fortunately, direct mail marketing services to physicians offer several options to help you stay connected with everyone. For instance, you can print and mail the following items:

  • Holiday postcards
  • Anniversary and birthday greetings
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters
  • Thank you and appreciation letters
  • Onboarding letters for fresh tie-ups with doctors
  • Event Invitations
  • Postcards highlighting all your different services, etc.

PostGrid’s print and mail API helps you create, print, and distribute all such items at all-inclusive rates. Plus, it also offers several design templates to help you get started. If you want to know more about how PostGrid works, click here.

Segment and Validate Your Mailing Lists

Segmenting your mailing lists helps you focus on your relevant audience more. For example, if you are an orthopedic surgeon, you would want to target physicians around your neighbourhood to increase your chances of conversion. Remember that doctors always recommend pharmacies, orthopedic practices, etc., located in their vicinity.

Also, before you plan direct mail marketing to doctors, ensure that your list is accurate and fully verified. There should be no misspellings, missing details, outdated addresses, incorrect formatting, typos, or other errors in your database.

As said earlier, millions of people move every year, making it hard for you to access flawless mailing lists. However, you no longer need to worry about it as PostGrid can verify your mailing lists effortlessly. Thus, you can compile targeted mailing lists or confirm your old ones with just a few clicks.

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Why Should You Verify Your Mailing Lists for Direct Mail Marketing to Doctors

If you are still not convinced that you need to validate your lists before mailing, this section will change your mind. Below are some prime reasons why mailing list verification can help generate better results:

Avoid Lost Mail

The USPS returns thousands of mail items to senders every week. The reasons could be anything from incorrect addresses to standardization problems. Moreover, several mailpieces are lost in transit or misplaced.

But, you can avoid that and improve your campaigns for direct marketing to physicians by using address verification solutions.

Cut Misspending

Direct mail marketing to doctors can be costly and daunting if not done correctly. There are two solutions to solve this problem- automation and address verification. PostGrid offers both these solutions to help you validate your mailing lists and target relevant prospects accurately.

Our address verification API ensures that you send mail to the correct delivery addresses with a 99.99% deliverability guarantee.

Improve Brand Reputation

Imagine a scenario where you send a birthday postcard to a prospect a few days after their birthday. Naturally, it will make a bad impression in front of doctors and hurt your brand image.

However, these things are likely to happen if you don’t update your database frequently and rely on old mailing lists. An address verification software or API can help you send mail promptly for effective direct marketing to physicians.

Apart from informal communications, it also facilitates your formal correspondence with doctors that highlights your brand as a professional one.

Increase Marketing ROI

Address verification can directly add to your marketing ROI by allowing you to send marketing mail to relevant prospects efficiently. Having an accurate database also helps you plan and execute campaigns for direct mail marketing to doctors more confidently.

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PostGrid’s Address Verification Solutions for Successful Direct Mail Marketing to Doctors

PostGrid’s address verification API offers plenty of features, including:

International Address Verification

Sometimes, you may need to send items for direct marketing to doctors in Canada and other international countries. Mailing to international locations can be expensive, so it is a must to double-check your addresses before sending mail. PostGrid’s international address verification enables businesses to transliterate and verify addresses of 245+ countries. 

CASS-verified Addresses

PostGrid is certified by CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and uses the Canada Post database to validate your lists. By combining CASS-verified mailing addresses and NCOA (National Change of Address) datafiles, PostGrid helps you access top-quality data at your fingertips. 

Fuzzy Matching

Did you ever notice minor mistakes in your mailing lists, like swapped letters, missing spaces, capitalization issues, etc.? Such small things can make your lists invalid and undeliverable, affecting your direct mail marketing to doctors negatively. Therefore, PostGrid uses fuzzy matching to identify and fix such mistakes immediately. 

Address Autocomplete and Standardization

PostGrid’s address verification services also offer to autocomplete and standardization. Thus, you can add missing details and reformat addresses according to the USPS guidelines. 

Bulk Address Validation

At times, direct marketing to doctors may need to conduct large-scale campaigns to cover all your prospects. The good news is that PostGrid enables you to validate up to 200k mailing addresses in one go—saving tons of your time and effort. 

If you want to discover more of our features and streamline your activities for direct mail marketing to doctors, sign up now!